Monday, March 7, 2011

Sock Knitting Pretties

Some people LOVE sock knitting, others loathe it.  For those who love it I have a few new accessories for dressing up your knitting.  
I hadn't sat down and made stitch markers in quite a while, but Saturday night I was feeling inspired, so I decided to work on some sock markers.  These celestial sock markers, which depict suns on one side and moons on the other side, fit needles US size 5 and under.  
At the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza I had numerous requests for sock size stitch markers.  I get it too, big stitch markers when knitting with toothpick sized needles can be cumbersome and it can feel like they cause gaps.  
These little guys are wood beads and they fit needles US size 3 and under.  They are meant for some seriously tiny knitting.  

This particular set will fit US size 4's and under

I believe when I measured these they also fit US size 4 and under.  It was getting late by then.  

I posted a couple set on etsy, but as I gear up for the up coming shows, I will not be posting every single finished object in my shop.  If I post something on here that interests you, definitely e-mail me and I can post it if you are wanting to buy it.  I sat down to do some paperwork last night and realized that I very much need to get my spring inventory up, so I am going to be knitting my fingers down to the bone.

I also finally decided to stop being behind the times and with the encouragement of Holly from HollyRocks, I now have a twitter.  You are more than welcome to follow me @SomerKnits.  At this stage in the game, if you follow me I can guarantee I will follow you back.

Well, time to get ready for the real job that currently supports my habit.  I leave you with this questions, and I really do want your feed back.

If you are the shopping at spring craft fairs type and you wander by a booth of hand knits, what kind of things attract your attention in the warmer weather?  Would you been inclined towards lacy scarves, shawlettes, baby items, scrunchies, lace beanies, slouchy hats, headbands, things I haven't even thought of?

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Sandy a la Mode said...

yes to lacy scarves!! i think those would be perfect for spring!!