Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Super Sunday

So it took me a while to get around to this post.  It has been a very busy week and it is going to continue to be a very busy week.  I'm sure you will all forgive me, it being tax season AND spring craft show season and all.  

Sunday was a beautiful and perfect day.  I got all girlified in my new hat and a new sundress.
I had to snap a couple quick pics myself as Ben was at work.

I took my dressed up self and had a lovely outdoor lunch with a really good friend and her wonderfully cute 3 year old.  One of the sweetest kids ever, I swear.  Anyway, we hadn't gotten to hang out much recently so it was great to get to have lunch on the patio at panera on a sunny day.

I also had a wonderful meeting with a bunch of the women of make:Tulsa.  As always, I left this meeting totally revved up and inspired.  These are some of the best people around, seriously.  And don't forget that a bunch of the Tulsa Makers are sharing a booth at Persimmon Hollow this weekend.  Check out the make:Tulsa blog for the big official flyer.  We'll be there 9-5 on Saturday and noon - 5 on Sunday and we are all really excited.  HollyRocks just posted about it again too.  I spent most of last night doing inventory and getting ready.  

Ok, back to Sunday night.  Well, I guess we have to back up farther than that.  See, there was this one night a while ago when Ben was watching way too much food TV and I think it was an episode of No Reservations came on.  They were in Egypt and they were eating this still called Koshari and he decided it looked really good and that we could probably make it.  Well, being the really nice wife that I am I told him that if he found the recipe I would try it.  So he found this recipe.

Little did I know that this dish would be something that takes your entire stove to make.  You see, first you boil your lentils.  Then you drain them, add new water and add rice.  While that cooks you boil water for pasta.  While that cooks you are supposed to be making a tomato sauce in one skillet and sauteing onions in another but geez thats a lot of pots and pans so I sauteed the onions first and set them aside then made the tomato sauce.

The tomato sauce it a vinegar based one but it some how ends up tasting sweet at the same time.  

At some point in all this, when your rice and lentils look about done and all that, you probably want to heat up your 1 cup of boiled chickpeas, which if you are anything like me you got out of a can because there was already waaaaay too much going on on the stove.  

Everything is all ready to layer.  There is a precise order to all this.  Lentils and rice, then pasta, then red sauce then chickpeas then onions.

And once it was all layered and ready we got to have a taste.

I have to stay, I think it was totally worth it.  It was good and warm and filling and relatively healthy because I did NOT use the entire amount of oil the recipe called for. (really, 3/4 cup oil just to brown some onions and saute some garlic is ridiculous.)

I'm really glad I took the time to photograph it all because when we were ready to put the leftovers away we decided just to stir everything together.  It made for easier storage in the fridge, but doesn't look as pretty.  :-)


Briana Shepley said...

That looks absolutely delish!!!

Holly said...

You are such a lovely sight in your hat and dress! I'm really excited about this weekend too.

This Koshari dish looks amazing! All the ingredients are right up my alley, and I'm all for cutting the oil. I do it whenever possible, much to my husband's chagrin. ;-)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you look so pretty, somer! love the dress - and that food looks mmmmm, mmmm good!

Amy said...

Thanks for sharing how you made this recipe. It does look good and healthy. I plan to try it.

Amy said...
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Knit-O-Matic said...

In case anyone was wondering the dish has also kept very well and been great for leftovers all week. Just nuke and snarf.

Kristin said...

What a delicious looking meal! And I'm loving your hat lady!