Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sneaking One In

Its far from my usual posting time, but my mind was wandering, so maybe if I get a little of it out then I can concentrate for another half hour before I head out.

Some day, many moons from now, when I have an extra free week I want to go back and read my blog.  Like from the very beginning.  Its a daunting task because I have been writing here since 2007.  June of 2007, apparently.  I want to look back at all my old projects, some of which I am sure i have forgotten about, read old comments and just see how it has all evolved. 

I didn't put any effort in to promoting my blog until last fall.  I was actually very inspired by Erin of Sunshine and Carousels and through her blog I found so many other wonderful blogs.  (See, I didn't read very many blogs before then either.  Just a knitting blog here or there and ones of people I knew in real life)  But then I found this whole amazing on-line community and I was inspired.  I'm still inspired, every day. 

So thats really all, I was just day dreaming about going back and reading my blog from the beginning.  Do you do that, go back and read your own old posts?  Or look at old pictures of things you have made and posted about? 

(p.s. - I am spoiled by the auto-spell check on my mac and forget to pay very close attention sometimes when I am not using it.  Hopefully there is nothing truly awfully misspelled.  Not that spelling bothers me nearly as much as your and you're.  Or they're and their.  I keep getting e-mails from this one person and they will say things like "your funny."  ::Cringe::)


Wish Me Luck said...

That;s a good idea! I think it's always nice to see how much you improve at something over time.

Kristin said...

I go back from time to time and great reeeeeeeeally tempted to edit things. HAHA!

Rachel B. said...

I have been meaning for some time to sign in and print out my old myspace "journals". I started writing things on there in 2005 when life was super crazy and I was going through a nasty divorce and all. I want to get it off there and keep it because there are some poems, journals etc. that are a reflection of me from then and I have changed a lot since then. I also have an actual journal of David and I's time when we first started dating and he was living in OKC. I love finding it and reading it from time to time. I was so in love (I mean I still am but all that puppy love stuff) and its fun to read back on those times and feelings!

Knit-O-Matic said...

Rachel - Good lord, if I signed in to livejournal and tried to readread all of that it goes all the way back to 2000. There is just no way. And there is probably some angst in there.