Friday, March 4, 2011


I posted this little hat on etsy yesterday.
Its a baby/toddler hat in the softest blue yarn with just a little bit of pale green to top it off.

It did not do as well on the bamboo, instead it looked pointy.  Probably because they yarn is softer and has less structure than the other hat I did that to.  But that is what experimenting is for, right?  

I'm not sure any of the pictures shows the pale green at the top well.  Perhaps I need to steal borrow a child and do an outdoor shoot.  Want to loan me a child?

 I wanted to show how super stretchy this hat is, so I stuck it on my hat stand.
Speaking of hat stands, I got some really cool display hat stands from my sister for my birthday and I can't wait to use them at my first spring show.  I know its still more than a month away, but I want to have my set-up details worked out pretty well in advance so I don't waste time once I get there.  I'll try and photograph the new stands soon.  I am also thinking of making them dual purpose and using them on my dresser in the summer when not at shows.  See, I have a love of big sun hats and this way I could leave a couple sitting out, as opposed to on the top shelf of my closet.  I am so excited to sundress and hat season to get here!

Back to projects, I started working on some sock size stitch markers.  Here are the three I made the other night.
 They are little green pearl beads, I really like the color of them.  They fit up to a size 5 needle comfortably and hardly weight a thing.  I was having the hardest time getting a grip on them the other night.  I don't know if it was because I was tired or because they are so tiny but it took me more than half an hour just to make these three.  I may have to pick a different method for ones this small, but I love the way these look, so we'll see.
I couldn't decide if they were easier to see on a white or black background.  It was late.  Anyhow, because of the number of requests I had for sock-size stitchmarkers at the Arkansas Valley Fiber Arts Extravaganza in December, I decided I needed to get on with making a few.  I bought the supplies a while ago, but never seemed to want to put my knitting down long enough to actually make any.  Once I get a few sets of these made that means I will have 6 sizes of stitch makers for people to choose from.

Sock - US size 5 and under
Mini - US size 7 and under
Small - US size 10 1/2 and under
Medium - US size 15 and under
Large - US size 19 and under
Jumbo - For Speed Stix, US size 50

Different knitters have different styles or knit on a particular size more often, so I am glad to be able to offer the variety.  I don't have very many sets posted on etsy right now, but I do have a ton in inventory and will have them all with me at the ARF show on April 9th.  If you are out of town and looking for markers, just message me what size and I can let you know what I have.

Time to get ready for work.  TGIF so I can come home and relax tonight, finish up a couple spa cloths I worked on last night and try to organize my craft room.  It really needs a thorough cleaning!


Holly said...

That new hat is so cute. I have a photogenic nephew with bright blue eyes who would be adorable in that hat, but he lives down in my hometown about 45 minutes South of Tulsa.

Did you get to organize your craft room yet? I want to see it!

Knit-O-Matic said...

Holly, the craft room is useable, if not actually "clean". You are welcome to come over and see it anytime. We have grandiose plans for its future, but for now it is passable.