Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Great Pre-school project

I mentioned this project a while ago when I was first asked to do it, but it's been a while.  My sister-in-law (brother's wife) teaches preschool and she asked me to knit a number of apples.  Gosh, its been long enough I don't even remember how many it was.  Maybe 10 or 12 or something.  Anyway, I have until I think next September to get all these apples done.  In my lofty pre-christmas planning I had thought I would get a number of them made before Christmas, but I did not.  Then I thought I would get just one made for Christmas, but I did not.  So 2 days after Christmas, while laying around in the initial stages of being sick, I whipped one up.  
Here he is.  I used a quick free pattern from Ravelry and stuffed it with yarn scraps I had been saving for that purpose.  I gave it to her at dinner that night.  

I am going to use the blog to help me keep track of where I am in the process of getting all these done, so lets start counting.


My mother also wants us to knit all the things the very hungry caterpillar eats, but by we she really means me.  Hmmm.  We'll see once I get all the apples done.  I like the idea of a preschool class room filled with knitted toys and I got 2 toy knitting books for Christmas, so we shall have to see what comes of that.  (I got Itty Bitty Knitted Toys and Amigurumi Knits)

I would knit them all at once but my attention span for following the same pattern over and over is nill.  

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