Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This and That

Completely not knitting related, but I love these shoes:

A little ruffle on your toes can make you smile.  
Now if only they didn't pinch just the tiniest bit on the outside corners by the pinkie toes.
I love tights too.  All colors and patterns.  
This hat is the Devin hat.  I was supposed to be making a hat for this kid I know and I was so paranoid that it would come out too small that I made it way too big.  Oops.  But thats ok, I still love the design I came up with and I am going to make the exact same thing, just a little smaller.  For now I have listed this one in my etsy shop.  
I think it's a good, basic guy hat.  No foof.

Although all I really want to do is sit and knit this evening, I decided it might be kind of important to work on my work space.  It's a pit.  I have a hard time staying organized anyway, but over the holidays it got really bad.
While I was cleaning up I sorted through a bunch of buttons.  You'll see why in just a second.  Anyways, I had a few left over baby food jars from Christmas present making, so I sorted a lot of them by color to make it easier to find what I need next time.
All the stuff I made and listed this week that needs to be tagged with care instructions is hanging out here in this basket.  I may take some of it to Vi's as well, I'll just have to really stay on top of what has sold so I can unlist things that aren't around anymore.
See why I needed the buttons?  I made this Hannah hat as a gift for the lady who displays my stuff at Vi's.  I really hope she likes it!  And see that little notebook?  I've been carrying that with me recently so I can write down all of my crazy ideas and any time I get a request.  It's been great.  I think before I would forget at least half of my ideas by the time I got home or had time to work on them.  
Quick pic of the hat, since I already had my hair in a ponytail.
Ponytail hats are fantastic.  I may have to work on a pattern for one of my own.  I think I have an idea of how I might do it.  

I am really enjoying reading what people's favorites of what I have listed in the shop and I appreciate the people who have also told me what they'd like to see more of.  Thanks, guys.  I'm really having a great time with it all and I hope it continues to be fun and rewarding.

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Rachel Bright said...

LOVE seeing everything your working on/completed! Your so talented both in knitting and writing the blogs! Thanks for sharing, always love to see what's next with you!