Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Finally Getting Better

But getting better did NOT mean I got to knit last night.  Boo.  But Ben and I did get all the Christmas decorations and the tree taken down and everything boxed up.  The living room always feels soooo big when the tree comes down.  And I always feel a little bit of a need to stick something where the tree was.  

Anyhow, enough of that.  

Even though I did not get to knit last night, the night before I cast on and made this little darling while I was at my knitting group.
I was teaching a new knitter to cast on so I set down that little hat I was working on and cast this on so she could watch me and practice at the same time.  Then because it was on size 13 needles, I just went ahead and kept going.  Its nice soft yarn in a really pretty deep purple.  Even though it fits fine over my head and would certainly fit any adult, I really intend it as a little girl's cowl.  Depending on height and all that, I really think it's a nice size for a girl anywhere from 3-12ish.  I plan to make a child's size hat with the same yarn (as long as once I have it cast on and am looking at it that it doesn't look too fuzzy).  I intend to make a few more little girls cowls in other colors and textures.  This one is not fun fur, in case you were wondering.  It is a furry-ish yarn of more substance than that and the "hairs" on it are not nearly as long, so it's a more subtle silky kind of furry.  

Not that you can tell the pattern in the furry yarn, but I did the outside three rounds on each side in seed stitch to keep it from curling and ten did stockinette in the middle.  It makes the outside edges feel a little thicker and I think makes it hang nicely.  There is a twist in the one, so it is never going to just hang straight, but I love the look of the mobius just as much as the basic infinity scarf.

Hopefully tonight I can get that little hat finished.  I may have a new load of stuff to deliver to Vi's Salon next week.  All of the stuff that I knit last week has been taken over there, so stop in if you are interesting in seeing something in person.  There is also handmade jewelry there that is really pretty and usually a variety of interesting trinkets.

Happy Wednesday, time to go get ready to meet the day.

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