Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rhys's Pieces

Here is a peek at the hooded scarf I have been working on.  Its toddler size and I think its pretty cute.
 I haven't gotten the mittens done yet.  One is mostly done, I stalled for a bit in deciding exactly how much "room to grow" I wanted to leave in them.  
 I finally decided on putting buttons on the ends of the scarf and attaching the mittens to i-cords that would attach to the buttons.  This will allow the mittens to be swapped out for bigger ones as he grows, since I assume the hooded scarf will fit longer than the mittens will, or for the mittens to just be removed entirely if they are becoming a nuisance.  
I took copious notes as I was knitting this hooded scarf and plan to put the full pattern out eventually, but you will have to be patient.  I will link the mitten pattern I am using, but I am not going to reinvent the wheel just to put a mitten pattern with this scarf pattern.  

So that's all I have for now, really.  I do have a couple of other things in progress, hoping to finish up a few commissioned hats this week.  

Keep an eye out next month for some giveaways I will be doing on a couple other people's blogs.  I also hope to get to host a few giveaways from blog friends here.  I have on lined up for February, I think, so stay tuned, I think that should be a lot of fun.  

Don't forget about the January Picture Promotion.  January is almost over!  In February I will be having a referral promotion, more details on that soon.  

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