Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A weekend's work

I haven't managed to post the last few days.  Partly because I have been too lazy to take the pictures off the camera and partly because I have been too busy knitting to do so.  I think I got a lot done this last week, despite not knitting at all 2 nights.

First I used that same Farm Girl Fiber bulky merino and made a child's version of the adult hat I had made.  All I did was change needle sizes and I think it came out great.  Sometimes going down in needle size with bulky yarn can make it stiff, but this stuff stayed as soft as ever.  If you want really nice, pretty bulky merino, definitely hit Bridgette up.
I call this little hat Grape Jelly.  My hat stand doesn't hold the hat perfectly round, but you get the idea.  
While this has nothing to do with my knitting, it was definitely some cuteness from my weekend.  Riley did not enjoy wearing the bow tie, but Ben came across it while cleaning out the dog drawer in the laundry room and we had to take some pictures.  Riley is the most anti-clothes dog ever.  Kinda makes me sad.  Especially when it is super cold like right now and I really want to put a little sweater on him.
I made a Little Princess Hat to go with my Little Princess Cowl.  It's ribbed so it should fit many differet head sizes, though I was thinking child when I made it.
After those things I wanted to do some serious luxury knitting so I grabbed a skein of Baby Alpaca Grande and some size 13 circular needles and sat down to watch the you tube video of how to do a true mobious cast on.  I had never done that before, always just gone with the easy full twist method, but its good to learn new things and I learned I love it!  Its fairly easy and this cowl knit up so quickly and its sooooo soft.  I just did ridges, this yarn didn't need a complicated pattern to show off it's beauty.  I have some ideas for other mobious cowls coming soon!!!
I just love the pinch hat look, so after the mobious cowl I grabbed some size 8 needles and some stash brushed yarn (not true mohair) and sat back for some easy mindless knitting.  For a mindless pattern though, you really get stunning results.  I have varied the yarn, the needle size, the decorations and made soooo many of these.  And I still love them.
So here is the whole basket of things that went to Vi's Salon yesterday.  I will try and get some pics up on my website as well.  
On Sunday I went yarn shopping and actually got started on one of the many commissions I have received recently.  If you have asked for something and I haven't gotten to it yet, I promise I will soon!!! This particular one is an alpaca seed stitch cowl.  I think it is coming out beautifully!  I ran out of this off white alpaca though, so its back to the store I go soon, with my finger crossed for matching dye lot.

In case you were wondering:
Alpaca Mobious $35
Top Me Off Child's $20
Child's Pinch $20
Grape Jelly $25
Little Princess hat $12
Little Princess Cowl $15 (from previous post)

I have done more research this week and am seriously considering opening an etsy store.  I am surprised that only one person had an opinion on the matter, since I have a number of friends who do actually have etsy and artfire stores.  I do notice how often I search etsy and I do love that you can read feedback about sellers, it does help to give me peace of mind.  Speaking of etsy sellers, the purse I ordered after Christmas with some of my Christmas cash is on its way!!!  I can't wait and I will definitely post a pic once it gets here.  :-)

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Amanda K said...

It's all great, but the alpaca moebius is particularly great. I love that yarn! I just finished up a quick 1/1 rib scarf using the tweed version. So soft and warm! It's on its way to a friend in Rochester. (Or, well, it will be once I weave in the ends and manage to get it in the mail.)