Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hat Swap

Please forgive all the phone pics coming up in this post.  

Ok, so there are these cute kids I know and last year I made them hats for their birthdays.  
 See the cuteness in the hats?  They loved them.  (seriously)
 But as kids are want to do, they grew.
 So now I have made a deal with them (and their parents) to accommodate all that growing and still let them be the coolest kids at school with their awesome hats.  That hat swap I mentioned a little while back?  Yep, these hats inspired it.  So the hat above
 Was swapped for this new hat.  Which I am told she loves!!  :-)  Yay!
 And this little guy
 Got swapped for this one.  Wait, that isn't the kid, thats his dad.  Yup, the dad stole the hat.  How rude.  But I guess its a compliment to me that he wanted his own.
So here is the dad's new hat that I made Ben model for a quick pic.  He loved it so much that as soon as I texted the pic to them he drove over to pick it up.  :-)

I mentioned this before, but the hats I get back through the hat swap are going to be staying with me.  No resale there.  I think its a great way to collect hand knits for my future kids and keep those things I worked so hard on from ending up who knows where.

I still have a long list of requested hats.  If I haven't gotten to you yet, I'm sorry!  Hopefully I can get a lot done this weekend.  I have started carrying a notebook around to write down requests but also to outline new pattern ideas and things that pop into my head because the list of requests is long enough I might forget the ideas I had of things to make for my shop.  :-)

And I really want to RAoK a few people this year, I just need to carve out the time.

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Anonymous said...

The Hat swap is a great just means that me, as their mother, has to remember to keep track of all these hats!! But they do love them! Maybe I need one to match mu hubby and kids...