Friday, January 21, 2011

A pair of hats and a Sneak Peek

For most people, except me, yesterday was a snow day.  
 Brrrrr.  Yeah, I know it was pretty and all, but also soooo cold.  
 I did use my time waiting on a ride wisely.  (I know I am a wuss, but I'm still not going to drive in it)
 I tucked in all the ends on Emerson's Ice Cream Hat.  This is one of a pair of hats I was asked to make to replace the ones that I gave these kids last year that they have already out grown!  Geez, kids.  These next two may be a tiny bit big, but they should last them a little while.
 Emerson's Ice Cream Hat is a basic roll brim hat.  Hopefully it is long enough to cover her ears.

In the car I worked on this:
 I finished the Devin hat in the evening, correctly sized this time.  I went a little farther with the grey in the top section this time, can't decide which way I like it better.  Anyhow, I think they both look good and I hope the kids like them.  It's so awesome when kids like what you knit them.  It can be hard, sometimes, to figure out what they will like from one minute to the next, but it feels good when they do like it.

Because I hate to see a good hand knit go to waste, if your child out grows a hand knit hat (preferably one that I made) and you don't plan to save it for other children or whatever, don't give it to goodwill, send it back to me and for just $10 I will send you a new hat in the correct size for your kiddo.  (even if your kiddo is now grown).  Hats must be in good condition to qualify and only basic hat patterns qualify for the new hat.  We can work out a different price if you want something more complicated.  These hats will not be resold, they will be put away for my future offspring.  What fun stories some of their hats might have!  

Next is a sneak peek of a hooded toddler scarf for Rhys.
 Now I know its still on the needles and there is yarn everywhere, but I was trying to get a picture of the basic pattern that is starting to form.  This will be a scarf for a little boy with an attached hood and mittens on the ends of the scarf.  :-)   I'm hoping it will be long enough, I didn't exactly swatch.  I'm fairly certain it will be.  
Hmm, not sure you can tell too much better in this close up, but I think in just a few more rows a very distinct pattern will become obvious.  There are more colors to be worked in as I go.  I wanted bright and happy for a toddler and enough fun color to make it go with pretty much everything.  Although I am pretty sure that most toddlers care much more about being warm than about their clothes coordinating.  I am taking this with me in the car today as I, once again, get a ride to work.  I wish I got snow days.  Alas, no rest for the wicked.  


Rachel bright said...

Oh what a tempting hat deal! Alas, I am not sure I am willing to part with my matching hats that I commissioned a friend into making! They still fit a little too, although I can honestly say theyve barely been worn.
Ps I LOVE the Rhys piece!!

Knit-O-Matic said...

If its something you want to hold on to as a memento, by all means you should keep them! I just don't want people tossing out hats that don't fit anymore that could be saved for someone else. :-) When your kids do out grow their hats, my children's hats aren't all that expensive.

Beckerman Girls said...

WOWOOW!!! You are such an amazzzing kniter! Love all your hats!! They are Perrfect for this cold weather!!
xox Big Kiss
xo Beckerman Girls

Knit-O-Matic said...

Beckerman Girls, Thanks so much for the lovely compliments. :-) I took a moment to check out your awesome blog. Two thumbs up for fun and color!! I hope you take a moment to check out my etsy shop. It's still new, but I have a lot planned for it.