Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jonathon's Hat

I needed a good instant gratification project, so I took a couple of days and whipped out a hat for Ben's brother for his birthday.I didn't want it to be completely boring in a solid color and Ben suggested earth tones, so I did a section of single row stripes with the blue and the brown. Its a very squooshy alpaca, so it should be nice and warm for the upcoming winter.
No other exciting updates, really. Although I have started a really cool cabled hooded pocket scarf for myself out of a lovely llama and silk yarn that I got at that estate sale a while back, so I got a great price on it.

The only good thing about it getting cold right now is that I get to wear my Vacation Clap. :-) I did get my things back from the fair also, so I suppose I can wear my Indian Summer hat now as well.

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