Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nothing to report, really

Between tax season and wedding prep, there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting time recently. It took me 3 or 4 tries to start the Citron shawl and now I'm wondering if the thread-like yarn is too lightweight. I might need to step it up to lace weight for it to look right, which means ripping it out yet again.

There is slow but sure progress on the Everyway Wrap, but hot weather tends to dwindle the motivation to actually finish that. The yarn is nice to work with though, so if I do a few rows here and there because it is easy to grab and take with me if I don't know what else to knit, then when the fall weather threatens there will be less I have to push through to finish it. Who knows, maybe it will be my fair entry this year. Haven't really decided.

The only things I have made start to finish recently are a couple Hanna hats. I'm stocking up for gifting or selling right now. A smart me would just stock up on next years christmas gifts, but part of me wants to sell some of them to complete strangers. Mostly cause I'm nuts. Who knows. We'll see what I end up doing or if I decided to finish something for myself instead.

Once the wedding invites are done and out the door then hopefully I should have some more time in the evenings. Although I will have to divide it between the garden and the knitting. I plan to keep on top of the weeds this year! (ha) Hopefully we will finish planting it this weekend and then its down to the care taking part. I am crossing my fingers for a bountiful harvest this summer. Tomatoes, raspberries, blackberries, peppers, basil, lettuce and spinach already in the ground. Squashes and peas and other fun things still to come!

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shelley said...

holy crap I was waaaay behind! Awesomeness--you've made a lot of cool stuff.
Eva got koigu so I just went nuts. Almost done with a linen st scarf lengthwise. I think I need a knit-along to keep me going on a project!
Congrats on making it thru tax season!