Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jenks Church Fall Craft Show

I am excited for this weekend!  I have been meaning to participate in one of the Jenks Church Craft Shows for a while now, but I have always had conflicts with the dates.  Generally its been that I have already commited to a different show on the day of the Jenks Church Show, but this time it has worked out perfectly!  This will be my last solo show for the year (I still have Alliday with HollyRocks) and I will probably take the spring off of shows unless something super enticing comes up and things are going smoothly with the new baby.  I am excited that this is turning out to be the biggest show that they have done, there will be 50 vendors there (there is a list on facebook) and it looks like a wide variety of products.  If you are in or around the Tulsa/Jenks area Saturday, please stop by and visit me!  And please pass the word on about this show!  The show itself benefits the Jenks Church Youth, so thats just another great reason to come out and support it.  I know you have a lot of choices on how you spend your weekend, so I am always honored when you take time out to visit me at a show.  

I hope to see you there!


Holly said...

I'm so glad this show went well for you! That's what I get for saying I don't do well at church shows, I pass one up that sounds like a good one. :-/

I don't think you'll be missing much by skipping the spring shows. It seems like those are never as successful as fall and winter shows, but that's just my opinion.

laura@LillypieAccessories said...

HI Somer! I'm your Cold Hands Warm Hearts Partner! Hiiiiiii!!!

Best wishes on this upcoming show, looks like you've been BUSY! :)

Chat soon!?