Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fort Worth

I know this was totally long awaited and anticipated.  You all desperately wanted to know about my week at the convention in Fort Worth.  Let me just start by saying the convention center is next to the beautiful and relaxing Fort Worth water gardens and it was lovely to stroll through them everyday and to take a few minutes here and there to knit beside the different pools.  My main project for the week was the spiral eyelet socks for me that I had just started on the plane ride back from DC.

The socks had a lovely time by what they call the Active Pool.  The constant flowing water sound is soothing and completely drowns out the traffic noises from the street.
The socks also quite liked the Aerated Pool.  On hot days this was definitely the one to be at because the spray helped to cool you off for a bit.
The socks and I had some quality time out there. But then.........
the socks were waaaaaaaaaaay too big.  i got gauge when i swatched, but who knows what happened and suddenly the lie I had been telling myself about blocking the out and maybe shrinking them a bit in the wash just couldn't sustain itself any longer and I had to face the fact that size 2s just weren't doing it here.  Luckily I still had my size 1s packed from that trip to DC, so I took some size comparison pictures (look how the sock is bigger than my shoe) and frogged the whole dam thing.  The spiral pattern was too girly to just say, well, I'll give them to a guy and make myself another pair.  So on day 2 of the convention I started all over.  :-(  Oh well.
The size 1s are actually much better.  The sock is closer to the right size and a lot tighter, so maybe it will wear better.  I got most of the way finished with the leg of the sock between classes over the last 2 days of the convention and the car ride home.  Now I am turning the heel but I started yesterday at WWKIP day on my clapotis and got completely distracted.  I do have to say, my gauge on the size 1 needles is so tight, I think I would really like some metal ones because the yarn is not sliding on the bamboo needles AT ALL and that makes it hard to work on for long periods of time just because my fingers get tired.  Well, more about yesterday's WWKIP events later.

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