Saturday, August 15, 2009

To fair or not to fair?

I have spent a lot of time recently trying to decide whether or not I want to enter anything in the fair. If I enter something I am working on right now, I effectively give myself a deadline, which doesn't work very well with my year of no deadline knitting.

I could enter my Vacation Clapotis, which is already done, blocked and wearable, but does that really qualify as fair worthy?

Since I haven't finished either pair of socks I have been working on this year, I can't enter those. I would have entered socks, fair worthy or not, just to support the new category and make sure they have it again next year. I know a bunch of people are excited they added a sock category.

I am working on a sampler style baby blanket that looks like it will be done in time. But will setting a deadline on it cause me to no longer want to work on it? Phooey.

There are things I really want to make, that if I got around to them I could enter, but the entry deadline is this next weekend (but the project doesn't have to be handed in until sometime in september).

Oh the agony. Last year I said I would enter something, and I didn't. This year I said I would and then I never got around to planning. Pain in the butt.

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