Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fair, St. Louis and other exciting news

So I did go ahead and enter the fair, sent the application in back in August. Figured that was plenty of time to finish up the baby afghan. After all, its not like a full sized afghan, right? But life gets in the way and you get busy and then all of a sudden I have a deadline smack in the middle of my year of no deadline knitting. Arg. So I hope to finish the afghan tonight and then I hope to tuck in the ends tomorrow and block it. So here is a picture of it from 2 weeks ago, the weekend Ben and I went to Kansas City.
And then this past weekend we went to St. Louis for a Cardinals game. If I could manage to not fall asleep in the car I could get a lot more knitting done. But the weather was nice and the game was fun.
Both trips were excellent and its been a great couple of weeks and by the way, Ben and I are ENGAGED! :-) He's really, really wonderful and I'm really happy.

Soooooo, I better get to the actual knitting if I want to get it done.

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