Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kitchen Scrubbie Frenzy

Now that these are all finally mailed out I can post about them! YAY! Its really my fault for being slow. In June and July I knit scrubbies like a fiend. :-P The scrubbie frenzy started out because they are easy to take to the ballpark or just carry around, as long as your 2 skeins are semi-small. Then I thought of all of these people I needed to send little gifts too and they are useful little gifts. They are fun to make and the endless color combos keep me from getting bored, but often they stay in the state of 2 of the ones below for longer than they should.
I tend to put off finishing work. And the finishing work on these is so ridiculously easy that I shouldn't, but I do. So that is part of the reason it took me so long to get out my thank you gift boxes and so long to post about them. See the pile below? I think there were some that got left out of that picture. Like a purple one I sent out on another exchange. Why do I need all these scrubbies? Well, 2 were for 1 exchange, 1 for another exchange, 4 were for thank you gift packages and 1, believe it or not, was for me. Out of the endless number of scrubbies I had made before, I had never just kept one for myself. And now I use it ALL THE TIME. Seriously. Its in the sink now. I think I need to make myself a few more so I can rotate them.
Road Trip Scrubbies Pose
TU, OSU & Pepperdine

Ok, back the real world. The one where I have to go to work, even though I would rather stay home and knit.

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shelley said...

Scrubbie pattern?? Can you post it?
Are Kool Aid points still good? I had some old Kool Aid that Emily and I used up today dyeing yarn, and I thought at one point you'd been collecting points. But since the new packets seem not to have them, I wonder if they are useless now.
We got cool colors. ORANGE, bright ORANGE. My others were a bunch of reds (that sucka is still bleeding; I am done with red), pink with a little red, and blue Jello (yes Jello--the gelatin and sugar washed out) with a little darker berry blue Kool Aid sloshed here and there. I think they've discontinued the Berry Blue Kool Aid, but since it is my fave drinking flavor, I still had some! We were using Swish bare from Knitpicks, both worsted and chunky. It's almost $7 for 100g worsted, so it's a lot cheaper than buying some already hand-dyed yarn. I like that it's superwash.
I'm on my 3rd beanie since Sun. for the troops in Afghanistan-a GS troop is doing it for a project, so although I'm not teaching at their day in the park (I know Allyn is, and maybe Cheryl, & some others I'm not sure you know), I'm not. Just the donations =)