Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Obsession

We'll get to the obligatory Christmas post soon, but first I want to post about my latest obsession, which is totally all Sarah and the rest of the Tulsa Knitters Group's fault.I've been making stitch markers! And its sooo much easier and faster and more fun than I thought it would be. I've been having a good time putting together different bead combinations and making sets that match mostly, but not entirely (I don't seem to do very well at making 4 just alike and 1 different as seems to so often be the norm)
So these were the fruits of my first day playing with my new toys.
I made a set from some pretty round shell beads and pearls and such. I'm thinking about selling some. I'm not going to do any hard marketing right now, or even set up and Etsy just yet, but if you want some I will sell the kind like this for $5 per set of 5.
These pretties I would sell for $6 a set. I am keeping a set of these for sure. Because blue is the best color in the entire universe.
Back to the $5 a set type. These amber beads are fun to mix and match. They came in a mixed bag, so I've been pulling all kinds of cool stuff out of it. I have some other amber bead combos made up, they're really pretty. More posts later with additional types and pictures, since I think blogger limits the number of pictures per post.

Anyway, the first day I only made semi-small stitch markers, like you see above, but then eventually I got some bigger rings so I have started making other sizes. I pretty much figure I have to sell them or give them as gifts because soon I will start drowning in stitch markers.

So just e-mail me if you want some. If I don't have what you want, tell me what you are looking for and maybe I can make it. :-) Feed my new obsession.

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