Saturday, December 19, 2009

Toddler hats

Well, it was quite the adventure this past month trying to just 'whip up' a couple of toddler hats. I had my doubts about sizing of the various patterns I tried, but apparently toddlers have bigger heads than you think.
But I think the ones I ended up with turned out to be pretty cute. Our model here is 3 but the hats were going to 2 year olds, so hopefully they fit them too.
The braids hat is the one I was most skeptical about because it looked huge when I was knitting it. And the braids were much simpler to attach than I had anticipated. All in all, some cuteness was accomplished.
I do still have a couple more on the needles, one was an adult hat that turned out toddler sized by accident and the other was another toddler hat option, so I guess I will finish those and hold them in reserve until I need them.

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