Saturday, May 8, 2010

Late Post: Tulsa Spring Fiberfest

The very first magnificent sight to greet you as you approached the Brush Creek Barn was all the pretty colors of Bridgette's yarn! All the brightly colored stuff in the center, yep thats all from Farm Girl Fibers and if you haven't seen her yarn in person then you are totally missing out. I buy way too much of it, so I need other people to buy it first so I don't get so tempted. I know is Brandi went home with some very bring pink that day. :-)I brought the little shawl I knit out of the cotton and silk that Bridgette dyed a while back, in case she needed a knitted up display item. I took the whole basket outside for a minute for a quick little photo shoot.
I stayed all day and we sat and did our fibery things and wandered around the pretty little pond at Brush Creek and took pictures of these adorable little booties that Rori made for Bridg.
Brandi came for a while and wandered around doing the picture thing with us and she has some awesome ones on her flicker. She took the picture that is now the banner at the top of the blog. I know its huge, but I like it, so for now it stays.
Bridgette did some spinning and now I have to figure out what to make with it. Originally I said hat, but I'll have to see if its enough. Its definitely "art yarn." Hehehe.
And lastly here are a couple of pictures that Brandi took of me working on my nightgown. Thats right, night gown. There needs to be a whole other post about that because I must have been psychotic to start a honeymoon nightgown with less than two months left to go. We are almost at one month left to go and I might be 1/4 of the way through it. Oh well, if I don't get it finished by then I will just have to save it for later. (I should have stuck with the small instant gratification projects I had been doing most of the spring. Bleh.)

So, Fiberfest = good. Fun with Bridgette and Brandi = awesome.

btw - Bridgette and I both decided to join make:Tulsa. You should look into it.

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shelley said...

I'll race you to see if I finish your wedding present...=)
Don't you have something quick like a thong pattern??