Thursday, August 11, 2011

If you were wondering where I have been...

Its been a very slow summer of blog posts.  And there are only so many times I can apologize for not posting more, so instead I will let you know that there is a good reason I have been tired and distracted.
 But that doesn't mean I haven't been doing anything.  After enjoying a fantastic vacation back in June, I spent much of July gearing up for Fiber Christmas in July.  I absolutely love doing Fiber Christmas in July.  Every year we have so much fun and there is a wonderful sense of community.  I mainly took stitch markers and some yarn from Africa, which I definitely need to tell you more about at some point.  I spent a few weeks making tons of new stitch markers, tagging and organizing.
This year's Fiber Christmas was even bigger and better than ever.  More vendors and more space and the same wonderful folks cooking up some great food in the kitchen.  Thanks to Kate and Jane and everyone else who pitches in to make this a wonderful event year after year!! 
I loved being just across the way from Dawning Dreams, her stuff is always so tempting and I came home with a couple beautiful skeins of bulky wool and mohair, which I have already knit up!  Hows that for love?  Yep, I knit that up within a week or so of bringing it home.
One other fantastic thing about Fiber Christmas is that I was inspired to actually do some spinning.  I spun up a beautiful braid that I got from Angora Jane last Fiber Christmas.  I can't wait to knit this up soon!

Ever since Fiber Christmas, I have shifted my focus to getting ready for Indie Emporium at the end of September.  It is so hard to think about cowls and hats when its 108 degrees most days, but I have some wonderfully inspiring yarns in the stash for this year and I have really loved seeing how it has knit up.  I need to get to photographing some of my newest cowls, although getting a model to put one on in this heat is going to take some serious bribery.  Until I can get some good pictures and do a big reveal, just know that in store for this fall are even more luxurious cowls and definitely more pinch hats.  So far I have been concentrating on super soft, decadent feeling designs and no two are alike.  Linen stitch and seed stitch are current favorites for their classic and classy look.  More on all of that coming soon!  And I will definitely try and do better on regular posting again!


Briana Shepley said...

Ahhh! You look great!!! :)

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

Congrats girlie!!! :)

Amanda K said...

Congratulations!! You know, a couple of days ago I happened to be on ravelry and saw that you had queued a newborn hat and it made me think..hmm...Very exciting!

Shelley said...

You look so cute! Love the dress, too.