Friday, August 12, 2011

Sock and Lace Markers

One of the main things I did in July to get read for Fiber Christmas was work on beefing up my selection of sock and lace size stitch markers.  Tiny markers are a lot harder on the hands to make than bigger ones, but I think ultimately they are worth it.  Its nice to not have giant markers flopping around while you are trying to knit tiny or delicate things.
Because it was 110 degrees, I did not go outside to take pictures, so please forgive the less than super fun photos.
Winning the award for most time consuming markers I make, these bell flower markers are tiny, delicate looking and beautiful.
These smiling guys are great for happy knitting.
This set uses foam animal beads to make super lightweight and adorable markers.  I carry these in a variety of sizes from sock to large.
These little stars captured the kid in me and I couldn't resist the beads.  I knew they needed to be stitch markers.
Wooden beads have a calm and classic look to them.  I love their simplicity.

As soon as I go through what is left now that Fiber Christmas is past I will start posting these in my etsy shop.  As always, if you are ever looking for anything in particular, don't hesitate to ask.  :-)  Other than posting what I already have and making things on request, I will likely take a break from the stitch markers to concentrate on all the fun accessories I want to make before Indie Emporium!!


Holly said...

Aaaw, the little stars are so cute!

Amanda K said...

Yes, the bell flowers are quite pretty! They're definitely my favorite of this bunch, but they're all fun.