Friday, January 20, 2012

I Knit Something!

Well, despite the fact that my right wrist has decided to not yet get over the whole carpal tunnel thing, I have knit (and completed) something!  I have a few things I have been working on, but I hadn't put all that much in to them recently.  But I finally sat down and knit on the same project from start to finish.

Ok, so its a small cotton baby hat.  And I didn't swatch, so its not as small as I had intended and I have started another one on smaller needles (although between the smaller needles and the less stitches I may have over compensated...)  So take heart, my knitting mojo has not gone away!  (Its just slowed down a bit what with all the distractions)

I'm excited for many things coming up.  Of course there is baby knitting, for both little Miss Evelyn and also for friends' babies.  Then there is the Indie Emporium Shop.  Have I mentioned that exciting news?  I think its going to be great!  And I was thinking maybe at some point I would get back to some of those projects I have in progress for myself.  The easiest to finish would be the chunky fingerless gloves I have been knitting to match my hooded cowl.  I have both of the gloves knit, I just need to sew up the seams and tuck in the ends.

Wish me luck on integrating the knitting, weaving, spinning, etc with the parenting!

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