Friday, January 13, 2012

The Pictures

So I did the all words post, here is the picture post to go along with it.  I was too intent on writing it all out to worry about incorporating the pictures.

Me and Evelyn in the delivery room.

All three of us, our first family picture.

Holding my baby girl in the NICU.  I hated that IV in her poor head.

My little glow-worm.

Ben checking on our little glow-worm.

Diva Time.


My clothes are all too big!!  At least I have my wubbanub.

Ok, I will try not to inundate you with baby pictures, but I can say there will probably be more soon because we had the fantastic Madison Vining here last sunday taking newborn photos.  She took a ton and the previews so far are amazing.

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jenthegreat said...

PLEASE inundate me with pictures. :)