Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holy Lactation Cookies, Batman!

And by that I mean YUM!   Who knew?

My friends and I, who all have babies 6 months and younger, decided during our weekly play date to make lactation cookies.  I scoured the internet and found these two recipes that looked the best.  I had virtually everything in my cabinets, except brewers yeast, which turned out to be harder to find than I thought it would be, at least in scoop-able baking form.  We ended up having to hit up Akins for that, although Whole Foods likely would have had it too.  Reasors not so much.  They had a nice blank spot on their shelves where it should have been, but the employee I talked to couldn't tell me the last time they had actually gotten any in.  Hmm.  Anyway, back to the cookies.  If you click that link and read through all the helpful information and then the cookie recipes, we decided to start with the first one.  We used peanut butter, not almond butter, but I bet almond butter would be awesome.  We also used coconut oil instead of butter.  Why use plain old fattening fat when you can substitute a healthier fat that also aids in this whole milk supply issue?  (I've been reading a lot about coconut oil recently and you can buy a big jar at Walmart for $5 so don't think its expensive just because it seems to have magical powers)

We also added both raisins and dark chocolate chips to our cookies.  We made a few like that for the non-nut lovers among us then really went all out and threw in walnuts, pecans, and pumpkin seeds.  If we can get our hands on them, in the future we want to try adding chia seeds, thistle, and other things rumored to aid in milk production.  But even if I get no extra milk from eating these cookies, I have to tell you, they were GOOD!!  I should have taken a picture of the final product to post here.  Its hard to take a picture of something when you look at it and immediately feel the need to consume it.  The two cookies I set out for myself were gone by the end of the first long paragraph in this post, and they went really well with the hot cup of Peaceful Mama Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  I won a box of this tea while I was still pregnant but didn't finish it.  Its approved for breastfeeding though so I am still going through it.

So, summary, for really yummy lactation cookies, click that link above and print off the recipes.

Make recipe #1 using:
peanut butter (although I bet almond butter is great)
coconut oil instead of butter
Dark chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet

pumpkin seeds

In the next batch I want to try craisins.  And I might make a batch with butterscotch chips for variety.

And while I am at it I had this *brilliant* idea to make individually frozen cookie dough, kind of like you can buy at the store.  That way you can have hot and fresh gooey lactation cookies anytime.  I am thinking my friends might each like a bag.  :-)  What is better than hot cookies right out of the oven?

So have I been knitting?  Not much.  But I have found time to bake and apparently become much more of a mommy blogger than I intended.  (I have like 4 more mom related posts in my head, so I will have to work on some knitting related ones)  Little girl was 8 weeks yesterday and she is so wonderful!

btw, am I the only person in the world who thinks Mothers Milk Tea is yumtastic?  My friends seem to all disagree with me.  Maybe its because I love black licorice.


BlogLoveTherapy said...

oo thanks for sharing.. The butterscotch sounds yummy. Do you just add a handful to this recipe?

amy said...

um...YUM!! I can't wait to try this recipe...I LOVE butterscotch. (not so much licorice though, so I may not like the tea...lol)

Sandy a la Mode said...

whattt?? i need to make these! i don't produce enough milk at all! i think mother's milk tea is not too bad... and i'm taking fenugreek pills! i'm ALMOST there w/ supply!!