Friday, February 3, 2012


I have put off picking out a baby book because I am just too dang indecisive.  I know I want something unique and interesting, not just an off the shelf baby book from someplace like Babies R Us.  Not that there is anything wrong with those, its just not what I have in mind.  So I have spent hours searching Etsy.  I have compared what the books on etsy offer to what commercially produced baby books on Amazon offer.  I believe I have narrowed it down to these three books.  Each has its pros and cons.  And each has its price.  So maybe you could help me out.  Give me your input.

This first book is made by Ruby Love Designs.
The cover is unique and interesting.
Comes with 52 custom designed pages
20 blank pages for scrapbooking
24 adhesive photo sleeves
A 14 month calendar with matching stickers
Additional packages of pages available including 2nd year package, first holidays package, years 3-5 package and NICU page

9"X8" size album, pages 7.75"x7.5"
2 weeks to ship

Total cost with everything I want added, including shipping: $92

Second book made by Chic Memories
12:x12"x2.5" book, 8.5"x11" pages (read = easily added to)
Handmade embellishments
Personalized with baby's name throughout the book, parents names and anniversary
3 pockets with customizable tabs
5 card stock pages with sleeves, pre-labeled for first 5 years photos

3-4 weeks for delivery
Only 30 preprinted pages, some information seems like it will be rather condensed.

Total cost with shipping: $99

This album by Two Giggles
78 journaling pages
Can order 56 more pages for "the toddler years" for $30 more
Album ships in 2 business days of payment
First year seems like it will be well documented: • Newborn - 12 months (Place for picture + 3 journaling pages each month)
Name Personalization included
NICU page available
I think this is my favorite of the covers

I've already passed all of this:
 Baby On The Way
• Pregnancy (1st, 2nd + 3rd Trimesters)
• Doctor Visits
• Baby Shower (Includes place for invitation)
But I did keep a pregnancy journal, so I could transfer a lot of that in.
9"x8" book, 7.75"x7.5" pages

Total price with toddler pages and shipping: $102 (probably a little more with NICU page and extra shower pages, I have messaged to ask for sure)

Do you see why I am having such a hard time deciding?  I could really use some input.



nekkidknitter said...

Wow, they're all lovely! I can see why it's such a tough decision. But since you like writing, I think you should go with the last one. I think you'll miss the journaling pages if you don't have them.

Holly said...

I like the second one the most. That pattern is very pretty, and the fact that it's easy to add to and a convenient size sold me. Good luck with your decision!

Amanda K said...

It sounds to me like you like the third one the best. And I KNOW you have enough pictures and things to say to fill up the "past" pages. Also, it's quite pretty.