Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Speed Stix Secret Revealed and I knit what?!?

Ta-dah! Here is the afghan I made on size 50 needles! It was a wedding present for Amanda and A.C., who got hitched this past saturday. :-) The wedding was a lot of fun, as was my trip to Colorado Springs and Denver. I got to see some really good friends from college, which made me super happy. Above is a picture with no flash because its easier to see the stitch pattern. Its pretty much a moss rib. The pattern is one of the free patterns specifically for Speed Stix on the Lion Brand website. I used 4 yarns held together: blue, maroon, green, and cream. Each one had a different texture as well. :-) I love texture.
Here is a picture with the flash so you can see the colors a bit better. I really enjoyed making the blanket, but it did take me quite a while to adjust to holding those giant needles. I really like how it looks and feels when its done though, so I do see other speed stix afghans in my future.
Now, I knit what for the bride? Oh yeah, undies. :-P
As some of you know, this was not my first undies knitting experiment. The first one was the thong from the stitch n bitch calendar. I'm not fond of the design, it comes out kind of big and clunky. Odd, for a thong. Definitely not compatible with today's low-rise jeans world. But this pair of undies it much nicer looking. I just used the bikini bottoms pattern from Sexy Little Knits. For the bikini it calls foer suede, but for the undies I used microfiber. Totally soft.

Here's the back of the undies. And there is elastic crocheted around all of the edges. I gave them to Amanda the morning of the wedding and they got many a giggle. They were really fast to knit up and I think maybe making myself an actual bikini would not be an imposible undertaking. We shall see.
Well, enough typing about knitting, I'm off to knit!


shelley said...

I really wish I could see the afghan in person so I could squeeze it. What types of yarn did you use?
I'm charging the camera battery, so I may get something posted one day. I'm half done with my exchange (not-so)skinny scarf. Oh yah!
nice undies!

Knit-O-Matic said...

The blue yarn is TLC Amore, the cream is a classic boucle yarn bee, the green is a brushed boucle yarn bee, the burgundy is I Love This Yarn brand. They are all pretty soft and squeezable.

Sue said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Your blog popped up when I did a Google search. I had already seen this free pattern on the Lion website, but was turned away when it said to use Trellis (as I want to use a softer yarn). Why didn't I think to just substitute different yarns in place of Trellis? Your post helped me to see the possibilities. Thanks!!

Patricia said...

I love both pieces! great inspiration! I just got my 50 needles and I am planning to knit something exciting, good idea the 4 yarns aphgan, thank you