Thursday, October 4, 2007

TeaTimeKnitters September Exchange

Ok, so I finally have all of the pictures together so I can make one big post about the exchange. My partner's name was Stacy and she's my age. Can you believe it? Anyway, I made her this lovely ice cream sundae cloth, and thats the mug I got her sitting there with it.
Ain't it cute?
And this is the whole package before boxing it up and shipping it. Some stash tea and dishcloth yarn and stickers and buttons and stuff. :-) And I think she really liked all of it, so that made me happy.

Here is the awsome package I got from her. I got some organic English Breakfast tea and some Stripes yarn and feltable lion wool and needles and adorable little stitch markers (see them in the corner of the cloth?) And black licorice sticks and coffee and a cool ceramic mug.

Here's a better picture of the cloth. Its a tea cup and one I've been meaning to make forever! :-) Thank You, Stacy!!!! I admit that since I've been out of town I haven't tried the tea yet, but I will and I think I will take it to the office because I am always cold there. :-)
I love exchanges. Although I'm in sooooo many this month, I may be in over my head. I have NO IDEA what to do for the white elephant exchange.


shelley said...

Tell me about the white elephant exchange. Or maybe, don't. I am a little overwhelmed with swaps, too. Didn't stop me from signing up for the Harmony Guide DC swap, though. Did you sign up for that?
I really like the sundae, do you remember where you found the pattern?
Still knitting the (not-so) skinny scarf for my exchange....

Knit-O-Matic said...

The white elephant exchange is supposed to be knitting related, but its also supposed to be ridiculous or unnecessary or in some other way just plain odd. Its a DDD thing, so you could go to the group site and read about it. Any ideas?

Mimi B. said...

My daughter, Amanda, just finished the coffee cup dishcloth. She has been knitting dishcloths like crazy for Christmas gifts! I wish I had her ablity to concentrate. Sorry I missed seeing you last Friday-didn't know you were going to be in town.