Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blogger Block

I have had a serious case of blogger block.  So instead of blogging, I have been updating the shop and getting ready for a couple more shows.

This weekend my stitch markers will join Angora Jane and Lowder Colours Farm at the make:Tulsa/STICKS FiberFest out at the Brush Creek Barn here in Tulsa.  Its 11 - 5 on Sunday and I can't wait, I know its going to be an awesome day.  So I have made lots of new stitch markers for this special occasion.  I have listed some of them in the shop so that out of towners can have a chance too.

I added most of these guys on Sunday.  The lavender hearts above are pretty glass beads.
These Smileys are suprisingly lightweight and who doesn't need a few more smiles in their day?

This is one of my favorite new sets.  The tiny flip flops are perfect accents to summer knitting.

These dragonflies are my other brand new summer stitch markers.  They are lightweight but durable plastic beads and I just love the greens and blue together.

In addition to the new markers, I have gotten my new multi colored cotton baby bonnets listsed in the shop (finally).  These bonnets have so many combination possibilities, I just love making them.  The multi-colored bonnets take a bit more work than the solid colors, so I have priced them at $20 (a mere $1 more than their solid counterparts, so I don't feel thats too harsh).  If there is a color combination you are looking for, just message me, I'd be happy to make you a custom one.  The cool cotton will be perfect for protecting baby's head from the sun as it gets warmer and warmer.

I have ordered some more beads that I have never worked with before, so if all goes as planned I will debut even more markers this sunday at FiberFest and then be updating the shop again either sunday night or sometime next week.  :-)  After that though, I am thinking I might start a summer knitting project for myself, take a little shop knitting break.  Maybe a new shawl or something.  Or I could finish one of my WIPs!  I know that there are at least a couple pairs of socks and a stole and a hooded scarf that would really like to be finished.  :-)

What does your weekend hold?  If you own a crafty business, what do you do when you take a break and craft for yourself?  Do you do that very often or do you forget to take a moment to make something just for you?


Kristin said...

Those dragonflies are too cute!

Holly Knitlightly said...

Oooh I really love those lavender hearts! So pretty! :)

Holly said...

I am still just loving those little flip flops. And I can relate to the blogger block. Maybe it's not a block, because I've got plenty of ideas for posts I'd like to do in the future. I'm just not doing any of them. ;-)