Wednesday, September 28, 2011

All that last minute stuff

I am getting down to the wire getting ready for Indie Emporium!  I'm so excited and nervous!  I get nervous before craft shows a lot.  I hope I remember everything.  I hope my booth display is as attractive as I want it to be.  I hope people like my stuff!

 I've put a lot of work in to this year's inventory and so I think I am even more nervous than usual.  I have spent the last couple of days making lists, tagging more items, cutting all the extra tags, stocking my new little check out stand (which is going to make my life so much easier at shows!), making more lists, contemplating the booth display, and thinking of all kinds of last minute things I would have loved to have gotten made but just won't have the time to get to.

It would be nice if all I had to do was knit and then show up at the show and all of the organizational stuff would just take care of itself.  Its a nice fantasy, isn't it?  I love the knitting part and the talking to customers and showing them my work part, but sometimes right before shows I can get bogged down in the organizational details.  (the accountant in me admits that I have made an inventory spreadsheet already) Time to take a deep breathe, relax and remember to have fun.

If you are in the Tulsa area, make sure to come out this friday and saturday and show your handmade community some support!

Also, be sure to stop my MaieDae where I am giving away $25 in shop credit this week!


Renee said...

You're going to do great, dahling! Can't wait to see your setup!

Love your baby blanket :)

Holly said...

Dude, I ALWAYS come up with great ideas once it's too late to do anything about it. Why does that happen? Grrr! Don't be nervous, friend. You'll do so well, and you'll have tons of buddies there to share smiles with. :-)