Friday, September 2, 2011

Blogging in a hurry

So the other day when I posted about working my fingers to the bone getting ready for Indie Emporium, I was in a total hurry and left out all of the funny and entertaining things I was going to talk about.  See, my blog posts are often much better in my head when I am in the shower than they are once I sit down to actually start typing and run out of time or just completely forget all of the stuff I told myself that I would mention.  For instance, I was going to tell you all how I have been knitting every single spare moment I have, which includes somewhat normal times, like any time Ben is driving and I get to be the passenger, and other not so normal times, like sitting in the dark little room at the eye doctor waiting for my eyes to dilate, knitting with them closed because it becomes too hard to focus on anything to have them opened.  I knit through the wait at every prenatal appointment (baby is doing great, by the way) and someone always asks what I am knitting.  I think they get caught off guard that it isn't baby stuff.  It generally a hat or a cowl or some other prep for Indie Emporium.  The eye doctor thing was definitely the funniest though.  Apparently knitting with ones eyes closed causes lots of people to stare and talk about you, mostly nurses.  And then they all wanted to know what it was (pretty wool cowl). and how the heck you could 'feel' the stitches.  (practice is the answer to that.  Even blind people can knit, so just close your eyes and practice.)

So see, there is all this good stuff that gets left out if I end up blogging in a hurry.  Even now I am probably forgetting something or another.  But it doesn't matter because I have finished my cinnamon toast crunch (yes, I was feeling childish this morning) and its time to go get ready for work.

Have a happy friday and remember to take time to slow down.  I know I need to remember that too, especially as the fall just gets busier and busier.

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Holly said...

It requires an immense amount of concentration for me to knit at all, and you have been doing it with your EYES CLOSED?!?! That's it, you are officially the knitting master. I think your baby will come out with a WIP in its tiny hands. He or she is probably in there helping you prepare for Indie as we speak.