Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Iron Crafter

I don't think I can thoroughly explain the concept of Iron Crafter to you, so you really need to watch this short video.  Its totally worth it, I promise.

See, its Iron Chef meets the crafting world.  And its the newest addition to Indie Emporium.  If you are in or around Tulsa, you are really going to want to come see the hilarity that is sure to ensue from this.  Its looking like I'll be up there for the Prairie Hive Vrs. make:Tulsa part of the competition.  I'm sure there are bound to be glue guns and pom poms and who knows what else.

I know that many of you probably think I have a one track mind right now, but when you spend every free moment prepping for a show, it really is all you can think about.  Besides, I have a 2 track mind right now, I just don't want to inundate you with baby stuff.  Once we start getting the nursery put together, I'll probably talk a little more about that.  The room is almost cleaned out and I have started sorting clothes received as both hand me downs and gifts by size.  Some days its hard to decide, prep for show or prep for baby, but in all honesty the show will be here first so I am working away like mad.  I also have a new display project I want to share soon.  Its taking a bit of time, but I think it will work great in my booth.

Have a happy Tuesday.

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Holly said...

Let's both cheer ridiculously loud for each other!