Friday, October 21, 2011

I meant to but...

I have so many posts bouncing around in my head, but I just didn't get to them this week.  It seems to be like that a lot lately, but perhaps if I was actually free even one evening each week I might actually accomplish some of the things that bounce around in my head.

For instance, I still have more vintage brooches to show you!

And I want to put away all the summer clothes and figure out what might fit me between now and January.

I want to clean up the craft room again, which was destroyed in the process of cleaning out the nursery.

I want to clean up and winterize the front flower bed and the garden.  Thankfully I have the world's best husband and he has already started on this process.

I want to knit a sleep sack for the baby.  :-)

I want to do some Baby E updates about getting ready for our little one.  Hopefully that won't take over the blog, but I tend to write about what is on my mind and I would definitely say that Baby E is on my mind.  If he/she isn't on my mind for even a minute, I get a good strong kick in the gut to remind me.  :-)

But I also want to do all of the things that have been keeping me so busy.  So whatcha gonna do?

Tomorrow I will be out at B.A.zaar from 8am to 6pm, so if you are out and about in Broken Arrow, head to main street and stop by and say hi.

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Sandy a la Mode said...

my baby has half taken over my blog i think!! haha! i wana see the sleep sack - make it!! :D