Sunday, October 9, 2011

Indie Emporium Recap

I'm sad its over until next year.  I had the absolute most wonderful time at Indie Emporium!  The shoppers were great, the fellow vendors were great and I just don't think we could have asked for better. First, I want to say a great big, huge thank you to Thom and Christine and all they do putting on this fantastic event.  I feel so privileged to have gotten to work with them on the planning, decoration making and set up.  

In case you missed it, let me take you around a little bit.  First up, here is my booth!

 Good or bad, I filled my little space to the max!  I tried to create lots of different levels in my display to add interest and make different pieces stand out.  Everything except the tiny table to the right in my booth was made by me.  That little table is yarn and needles from Africa that I am selling to help support a clinic in Uganda.  I will be sure to tell you more about that soon, as well as get some close ups of the yarn and needles posted.
 My little row at Indie had the BEST neighbors.  All the way down at the end of the row was Miss Holly of HollyRocks.  Holly's stuff is cute, sweet and a ton of fun, just like her.
 Across from me, buried behind all those interested customers, was The Peaceful Housewife.  I have to say, she was definitely one of my favorite finds this Indie Emporium and I am so glad I got to be across from her and talk to her a lot.
 Just down the other way from me was Renee of GreenerMe.  Renee does custom stationary, invitations, greeting cards, thank you notes, etc.  Her stuff is absolutely beautiful.  And those wreaths she just started doing are to die for!  It was great getting to be close to her the whole time too.
 Here is my haul from Indie this year.  I realize its not as big as last year but now that I now so many of the vendors I don't have to wait until Indie to shop from them.  If I want something from one of them I just call or drop an e-mail, which is so nice.  If you are wondering who was there, you need to go to the Indie Emporium website and check out the vendor page where there are links to almost everyone who was there.  It really was a fantastic group.  But anyway, back to my haul.  The little blankie on bottom I bid on in the silent auction.  Its so pretty and will go well with all of Baby E.'s stuff.  In the upper left corner, I got hand soap, dish soap and laundry detergent from The Peaceful Housewife.  The puzzle piece key chain was a goody from Fab Lab Tulsa.  Then the barrette and teething necklace on the right are from Tweet Baby Designs.  And the candle in the back is the Patron Saint of Knitters from Sweetheartville.

Check out the little devotional on the back!  Awesome, huh?  Well, if you knit its awesome.  But she had all kinds of cool stuff, so you should go check out her website as well.

So, fun times, fun stuff, new crafty people discovered, what more could you ask for??


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh this looks fun! i love craft fairs!

p.s. it's finally starting to get chilly - can't wait to start wearing the scarf you gave me. :)

Holly said...

The knitting candle is perfect for you! I'm thinking she needs to make a Patron Saint of polymer clay. But then only me and the five other people in the world who work with clay would buy it. ;-)

This year at Indie was so much fun! I can't wait til B.A.zaar though. We're gonna have fun with our snickering little selves.

Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhh love it!!! i love going to craft fairs!!

Kristin said...

Glad to hear it was such a blast!