Monday, October 17, 2011

War Eagle Craft Fair Adventure

Almost every year, or at least as often as possible, my mom and grandma and I load up in the car and drive out to War Eagle Mill in Arkansas for the War Eagle Craft Fair.  We leave really early, before sun up to get there early, we like to shop while its still cool out and before the mega-crowds start.  It's a fantastic craft fair, although it has gotten smaller in recent years than it was when I was little.  It used to take a good chunk of the day to see all the booths on both sides of the river, but now we seem to be able to get through in a few hours, even stopping to pick through booths of antiques on the Sharp Show side of the river.  This year mom and grandma walked away with a few things but I pretty much only left War Eagle with a full belly of Indian Taco and business cards.  

I did manage to change that on the drive back though.  After stopping at our favorite apple stand for our usual bushel of Arkansas Black apples (if you have never had one then you should really see if you can find any close to you and give one a try.  Whole Foods sometimes carries them in areas where they would not otherwise be common) we like to antique our way back home, stopping at every junk shop, antique store, flea market and road side stand that strikes ours fancy.

 Here's my loot by the end of the day.  Some are for me and some are going to be for hats I knit.  I feel pretty good about the day's haul.
 This little beauty is for me.  Its a silver flower with blue gems and clear gems and I don't know exactly what about it catches my eye, but something about it made me need it.  Its in fantastic shape.
 This set of decorative circle brooches can be used together or separately and is definitely bound for a hat.  Or two.  I can't decide.  They look good stacked or one inside the other or completely separate.  Hmm, maybe I will have to leave that up to the customer to decide.
 This bow definitely caught my eye in one of the little shops.  The label said it is from the 1970's, but I haven't researched it, so I couldn't guarantee that.  I just think it would look lovely on one of my ruched hats.  Hopefully it finds a good home with someone who thinks its as awesome as I do.
 This snowflake is the first brooch I picked up all day.  It was hanging on a wall in the first big shop we stopped in and I had to have it.  Originally I bought it to put on a hat to sell but now I am growing attached and I just can't decide.  I might have to hang on to this one for a little while, we'll see.
This little gold leaf is much smaller than all the other brooches, but I think it would make a lovely and subtle accent to a knit hat or even a cowl.  I can't wait to try it on some of my different designs and see how it looks.

If you are as excited about these new brooches making their way on to knitted objects as I am, don't forget that Saturday the 22nd (this Saturday!!)  Holly of HollyRocks and I will be sharing a booth at B.A.zaar out in Broken Arrow.  The show is on Main Street where the B.A. Farmers Market is held from 8am - 6pm.  We will be under the pavilion, so stop in and say hello if you come by the show.  Currently the weather is supposed to be perfect, so cross your fingers for us!!

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Holly said...

These are great, Somer! I think the snowflake and the leaf are my faves.

I'm looking forward to doing B.A.zaar with you! We're going to knit and rock their socks right off!