Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I couldn't decide

It was such a big decision what to do with my new found knitting freedom, I stood in the middle of my craft room forever, just contemplating.  I started pulling out sock yarn and needles and patterns, but then I wasn't sure I wanted to start socks last night.  So I put that all away again.  Then I thought about making myself some kitchen scrubbies, since after I made some for Rachel and Ben was helping me do the dishes he asked if I had any, which is of course, no.  But then I thought that was too easy, more of a take along to the ballgame or whatnot type knitting, and lords knows we will be going to plenty of ballgames.  Tonight, even.  So I ended up pulling out the Candle Flame shawl/wrap/thing I started long, long ago in a land far, far away called California sitting in Eva's Needlework (surrounded by superawesomewonderful people).  I miss that place and those people.  Anyway, I took that with me to knitting and conquered the problem of getting started again on something that has been put down for way too long.  I was worried that my tension had changed, but I seem to be doing ok so far.  I must thank the addi lace needles for assisting in this matter.  Its lovely that they are coated so the lace doesn't go sailing off the end of the needles and fall apart and equally lovely that the super pointy tips are easy to get into the next tiny stitch each and every time.  Really love them.  Must get some more.  Now all I need to finish this is lots and lots of time where I can stare at the pattern and count and not have the dogs leaping all over me.

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