Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fiber Christmas

Was awesome. I had a great time! I took a drop spindle spinning class because my exchange partner on the flat rate box swap local swap sent me a drop spindle and alpaca fiber and I needed to learn what to do with it. Its a lot of fun, although I have avoided getting into spinning for years now because I knew I would start wanting those beautifully dyed pretty braids of fiber you find hanging all over the place a fiber festivals. And they are so touchably soft. I was totally right, btw. I ended up bringing home some turquoise merino and black merino, which I will probably spin separately and then ply together and then I also brought home a pretty braid of blue and brown lovely softness. I've made a bit of progress on the alpaca fiber. I practiced more in the evening while Kellie and I sat around on the couch, stuffed full of sushi. I also came home with a loom! Just a little 16" one. The box looks straight out of the 70's but it seems to be good quality, all wood, and its something I can learn on before investing in a bigger more expensive one. Ben has said he can make me a stand for it, so thats cool. :-) Now I have to wait a whole week before Lena is going to teach me how to use it. How ever will I have that much patience? I guess I will have to spin and knit until then. The estate sale lady was there, tempting all with her incredibly inexpensive wares. The price went up from $1.50 a pound to $4 a pound, but for yarn thats still super cheap. And then later in the day t went back down to $2. And then a the very end of the day there were a few of us still hanging around and she let us pick out a red, a white, and a green for fiber christmas. So we will not even discuss how much yarn I came home with. Just not gonna talk about it. At all. A lot of it I should be able to weave with though, and I hear that goes pretty quickly compared to knitting so I could churn out more projects more quickly and maybe I will fly through some of that yarn.

It really was a wonderfully awesome day. Thank you so much to the Lowder family, Kate and Bridgett, and all the nice vendors and Rori and Kat for letting us chill with them and it was so good just to get to see people and relax and focus on fiber. :-)

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