Monday, July 13, 2009

Knitting at the ballpark again

I started a market bag yesterday using a pattern I got in a recent exchange and one of those giant balls of cotton that I have had laying around forever. Not that I really need another market bag. I have probably about a dozen of those reusable grocery bags and my mom recently gave me this really cool "green" set that has a grocery bag and an insulated bag and a big market bag and stuff and they all match and it pretty cool. But I've always wanted to make one of those stretchy cotton market bags, so I'm doing it anyway. I got over halfway done during last night's driller game, so the project doesn't seem like it will be a lengthy commitment. Who knows, maybe I can add this to my repertoire of quick gifts. This particular pattern has a doubled bottom that is open on one side so the whole bag can fold in on itself and button closed to make it easier to carry in a purse or in your car or whatever. Pictures soon. :-) Maybe I can finish it during meal breaks of the load in of wicked this week. Or one of the nights this week.


Bethel said...

Can you post a link to the pattern or give the name? This sounds like a cool gift to make. Thanks!

suburban farm said...

It is my personal opinion that you can never have too many bags. Someone always needs to put something in a bag right?!