Friday, July 3, 2009

The tragedy of the Vacation Clap

Look, a very flirty polar bear!

He really was.  He hung out there just staring at us or whoever walked by for a really long time.  Every once in a while he would stick his head up for a breathe and then put it back down again.  That was at the Memphis Zoo, by the way, where we went after the amazing and awesome Graceland!
See?  Graceland!  Very awesome start to the road trip.  Everyone should go to Graceland at least once.  But more on the road trip antics later, I am getting side tracked from the tragedy of the vacation clap.

See it on the needles, resting on the dashboard?  Its all soft and pretty.  So the yarn I am using is Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, colorway Mystic Lake.  Very soft and pretty, didn't have a problem working with it.  I only had 2 skeins and I wasn't quite getting guage anyway, so I stopped 2 whole sets of increases short and went into the straight section.  I kept careful track of how far I got with the first skein, did exactly the same amount with the second skein and began the decrease section.  And ran out with the corner still unfinished.  Now I knew it was a daring move to do the same number of straight rows with skein 2 as with skein 1 because that didn't leave a lot of room for error.  This is off by more than my calculation though, my guess is one skein definitely had more yardage than the other.  Boo.  So what would have been a quickly finished clap is now a UFO.  
It gets a wee bit more tragic.  I bought the yarn on vacation and haven't been able to find any more of it.  So if you or anyone you know lives near a store that sells Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, let me know.  The colorway, again, is Mystic Lake.  Its very vibrant.  I know it can be hard to match hand painted yarns.  I am also willing to take people remnants, since I don't really need a whole other $25 skein of yarn (after all, there is a reason I only bought 2).  I stubbornly don't want to rip back either.  So please, please, please check your stashes and your friends stashes and your mothers stashes and see if you have any Mountain Goat Mystic Lake laying around.  Like i said, the ones I bought were very vibrant.  I bought them in charlottesville, VA, not that this information will help anyone.

And I was so close.  And it would have been totally done!  I could be wearing it! (if it wasn't 100 degrees outside)

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