Saturday, July 11, 2009

More from the Road Trip

This is a lovely view of some state or another and the pretty scrubbies I was knitting as we were driving through it. It was one of the less scenic days with pretty much only major interstates. BTW - can you tell which colleges the scrubbies are for? I had to have some method of picking colors, so that was the method of choice this time.

Ben and I at his friend Collin's wedding. I love my hat! It was the first opportunity I had to wear it since I bought it. :-) Outdoor afternoon weddings are perfect for hats. We need to bring hats back, people.
Quick picture on our 20 minute stop in Niagara. Seriously, we were there 20 minutes. But once you look at the falls and take some pics, what are you supposed to do? But I'm glad we swung by there because it was nice to see the falls and now I can say I've been. :-)

It really was a wonderful trip. We both had a great time and everyplace we went was fun and interesting.

Back to the knitting, a wonderful lady at Mountain Colors is trying to help me find some yarn to finish my Vacation Clap. I am so very grateful to her. I can't wait to finish it, its sooooo pretty.

This week I have mostly been working on the stripey blanket charity project for the traveling stitch markers group. I am almost done with my section and I think the blanket will be moving on to the next person within a week. I know the knitting will get done, but there has been a lot of change and whatnot at work, so just finding time to mail something has become very difficult. Once things settle, that should get better, but right now its hectic.

I have a theory that empty sugar free kool-aid canisters would make good double pointed needle holders. They are stiff, so the needles wouldn't get crushed or broken in your bag. I must do some experimentation with this and see if it works. I am thinking that you could use them as is for loose double points and cut a hole in the lid for ones with project in progress. The project couldn't be very big, but a sock would totally fit. The yarn would be outside the container, obviously. If I make some and they work I will post pictures.

Now I am off to knit instead of writing about knitting.

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