Monday, November 30, 2009

Car ride knitting

That anti-motion sickness stuff is amazing. I got a lot done on the plane to Charlottesville and sitting around there, but I got the most done on the car ride back home. Usually I stick to stockinette or garter stitch projects in the car so that I don' risk the nausea that comes along with trying to read a pattern or look too closely at my stitches. This trip though I cabled my little heart away. There were a few times I took a break and knit easy stitches in circles, but for the most part I was able to follow the pattern and not lose track of the stitches. So I got some excellent things done that I think are going to be christmas presents.

I'm really looking forward to christmas. We got the tree up yesterday and it looks great. I also hung the stockings I knit last year over the fire place. The dogs will have to share one stocking this year though because I don't think I have time to whip out a second one. Its Ripley's first christmas with us and we are hoping he pretty much ignores the tree. Even though I am not pushing myself to get a lot of christmas presents knit, there are still things I want to make people, so I will still be giving some knit gifts. I haven't stopped working on the things for me though, like the Everyway Wrap and Pfeifer Falls hooded scarf. :-) The everyway wrap is not at 2.5 repeats of the cable pattern and going strong. I really love the look of it and it gets easier every time through, so hopefully it won't be one of those one or two year projects.

Well, back to the real world now.

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