Sunday, November 15, 2009


Here are some works in progress. First, I have made it 1 2/3 times through the cable repeats on the everyway wrap. Looking good and super soft so far. The yarn may be a little fuzzy to really show the cable pattern well, that would be the 20% alpaca in it. But I like the feel and I am pretty satisfied with the look. Here's a close-up for the stitch pattern from the right side. Its a pretty cable pattern and clever how the back side comes out the same. :-)
Here is side one of the Pfeifer Falls hooded scarf. Its soooooo pretty and squooshy. :-) I am in love with the Royal Llama yarn. I totally want more in every color! Although I love this pretty and decadent feeling off white. :-) There is something luxurious feeling to me about cremes and whites. Perhaps it is because I am just clumsy and messy enough that I fear white just a little bit. But it makes such a lovely compliment to dark or bright colors that I often want to wear it, I just don't often actually do it.
Well, thats my photo update for today. Back to the actual knitting!

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