Thursday, November 12, 2009

Everyway Wrap KAL Part 1 "The Beginning"

The yarn came in the mail last week and I had to sit around pining over it as, instead of casting on, I studied for the test I had to take last thursday night. (Which I passed, so we're good there) The first thing I did after it was over though was start this knit-along with some of the members of the Tulsa Knitters Rav group. The yarn I am using is from Elann. Its Sierra Aran. I think its 80% wool and 20% alpaca. Anyway, the color is chestnut and neither picture on here does it justice. Its a lovely brown with lots of red twisted in.As you can see, I did swatch. But then I ended up completely ignoring my swatch results. Sure, I did the math to make sure I'd be happy with the finished product, so I guess that useful, but I didn't try and match gauge. I got 3.75 stitches to the inch on size 9 needles in the moss stitch and a few too many rows per inch. All of my size 8s are occupied, so I decided to stick with the size 9s, especially since I like the drape of the fabric anyway. I don't mind it being a little wider and not quite as long, since I have a really short torso. I want to be able to wear it wrapped around and buttoned like its shown in the magazine.
I got the 30 rows of ribbing done really fast and I have done 1 2/3 repeats of the cable chart. It got a lot easier once I could see the pattern established in the stitches. I hope I can keep up the momentum and really crank this one out. It would be a lovely addition to my winter wardrobe. :-) More updates and pictures to come along the way.

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