Sunday, November 1, 2009

Instant Gratification / Stash Usage

I have been plugging away recently on a couple of scarves and a lace weight cowl thats been in the works for a few years now. And even though the Chastain Park Shawl I am making for myself goes pretty quickly, the giant cones are cumbersome and not easily portable. So the other day on Ravelry, poking around through the patterns, I was exploring my new found love of things that keep the neck warm. I came across the pattern Marian durning some of this poking and decided that I HAD to find size 19 circular needles like nowish. I had this skein of Misti Alpaca Bulky that had been just sitting in my stash forever. I received it in an exchange a while back and although I loved to squeeze it and pet it I hadn't really put a whole lot of thought into what one could do with just one skein on bulky squishy alpaca. I am sure that between my three One Skein Wonders books they had a few good ideas, but I needed this cowl IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately it took me a couple days to track down size 19 circulars, but once I did this thing flew off the needles. Its so warm against my neck and was so nice and easy to knit. I love it so much I want to make a bunch more. So I guess I will be putting size 19 Addi Turbo 24inch circular needles to my list of things I really, really need.

I guess now its back to the Chastain Park Shawl, which I pulled out to work on in between Trick-or-Treaters last night. I do need more things to keep my neck warm. Yay for all the mystery cones from the estate sale and the endless color combinations I will be able to do for little scarf / shawl things like this. :-)

Oh, and I almost forgot, the Tulsa Knitters Group on Ravelry is doing an Everyway Wrap KAL. Its a loose kind of KAL, more of a support group and whatnot, but I ordered my yarn yesterday. I think I'll be a little behind because most people were going to cast on today or already have, but hopefully I can catch up or at least still join in the fun. Maybe they will all make all the mistakes first and I can learn from them. ;-P No, really, I think its going to be very coold to see everyone's finished wraps and how our different knitting styles and different yarns and color choices will make them each unique. I heard someone ask once why you would want to knit something that everyone else is knitting or that hundreds of people before you have already knit, but each project is still uniquely mine or uniquely hers. Unless you are a robot, but that would suck in general, wouldn't it.

So, yay for instant gratification and stash usage! And now onward and upward.

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