Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Did I knit in Vegas?

Of course I knit in Vegas! Duh. Everytime we were at the bar and Mark got up to go use the restroom I pulled out my linen stitch dishcloth that I've been carrying around in my purse. And in the morning (ok, afternoon, but it felt like morning) when I went downstairs to get much needed coffee I sat in the starbucks and started one of the many KALs that started this week. A big, huge, thank you to Cheryl for keeping me updated on the KALs and summer bingo. :-) Of course, Mark shook his head at me everytime I pulled out my knitting, but he never insisted I put it away. And I only had to tink 2 rows the whole time we were there. They were two rows I did in Rum Jungle and its just that I started with a k1 when I should have slipped one. If I had been on the other color, it would have been right. And I probaby could have left it anyway. Maybe no one would have noticed. Oh well. So I knit in the bar at the Luxor and at the bar at the Star Trek Experience where we had a wonderful lunch and there were many neon colored drinks. And at Rum Jungle, and sitting at the show before LOVE. :-) I was too busy eating dessert at the Bellagio buffet to knit there....

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