Thursday, July 26, 2007

Exchanges, Yellow KALs, etc.

The green, tan, and white peace sign dishcloth I made for Cheryl, the wonderful woman who does my nails and who I also consider a really good friend. I'm going to miss her after I'm gone. This is actually the third cloth I've given her. I gave her one in a solid green last christmas and the textured ridges cloth I made in blue earlier this summer. I plan to give her one everytime I see her until I leave because I know she wants a whole set. I guess I better pick out a pattern for the next one.

The daqueri cloth is soooooo cute. I made it for Shelly when we got partnered up for the knitdishcloths exchange.

And because Shelley wants to spoil me rotten, this is what she gave me in the exchange! 3 beautiful cloths and an awesome soap sack that I have been using in the shower recently.

The Christmas in July KAL was a lot of fun, and I think the ornament is adorable. Mine came out huge though, and I think it looks better on the "wrong side" than the right side. Maybe after it gets washed once or twice the stitches will pop more on the front.

Two KALs, same pattern! Well, almost. If you look closely, the border are different. I thought it was really funny that the Monthly Dishcloth Knitalong and the Knitdishcloths Knitalong were the same this month! I was working from both ends of the same skein and it worked out almost perfectly. I think when I bound off and cut the yarn from the second cloth that there were about 2 yards of the skein remaining!

Since I was already having a very yellow KAL week the first of this month, I decided to do the Dishclothfunknitalong cloth in the yellow cotton tots I had. So now I have a yellow four leaf clover!
I took lots of pictures of all the baby stuff before I wrapped it, but I don't want to post them until after the shower, which is saturday. So I'll try and remember to post them on sunday, it all turned out sooooo pretty.

OK, less typing, more knitting!


Shelley said...

I finally caught up on your blog today =) The peace sign is striped w/ 2 yarns, not one variegated?
I love the daquiri cloth! I have been using it in the tub. The raspberry color was a happy accident, I think.
Did you win at poker?
See you tomorrow at the POTC.

Knit-O-Matic said...

The peace sign is striped with the olive green sugar and cream and then the white/tan varigated. 2 rows green, 2 rows varigated, 2 rows green, etc. Just twisted together at the edge. The peace sign is a bold enough/simple enough design that I don't think the striping really detracts from it.

I didn't play poker, I just visited. They were already in full swing well before I got off work.

SUSAN said...

Where did you get your peace sign cloth pattern and the peace sign in the heart pattern?? Do u share patterns??