Monday, July 9, 2007

Harry Potter & such

I made the Harry Potter washcloth that the link for has been circulating through all of the yahoo groups I belong to. Its really, really cute. I highly recommend it. I wish I had been able to take a picture of it, but I made it yesterday during the orchestra show we had in and then I gave it to my friend who had the tonsilectomy and is not doing so well. (Friday he had to go to the ER and have emergency surgery because he started bleeding really bad) I know a washcloth isn't much, but I just wanted to leave a little something along with all of the food I was shoving in the fridge.

Today is my mom's birthday, and hopefully she and my dad got the package I mailed them. It was combined late father's day and birthday stuff. The two orange dishcloths in the slideshow, OSU and the Cowboy hat, were both for my dad (He went to Oklahoma State), and I can't wait to see if he could tell what they are.

Today I actually have to work at work, not knit. Boo. I guess I gotta get used to that though, I won't be able to knit and account at the same time.

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