Thursday, July 12, 2007


I think that the Nubbins pattern could make a really cute coaster. I was knitting a little Grandmother's Favorite style coaster yesterday and was thinking I want to do a whole set of coasters, each one different (same yearn, different patterns) and give them to a guy friend of mine. I'm using the cone of Blackwatch I just got in the mega-yarn shipment (thank you, Cheryl!!!) It knits up really, really nice.

Shelly, I'm a little behind and not quite ready to exchange yet. But I'll let you know!

My tummy is growling and I have to decide what to take to knit at work today.

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Shelley said...

OK re: exchange. I also think I could just give you yours and get mine whenever it's done.
I saw that blackwatch cone at Cheryl's and was drooling with envy.
We;re going to Stuft pizza tonite 'cuz it's Ty's bday. I"ve never been there, but it sounds like he's excited for some machines o'crap, so I have to bring lots of quarters. I can only hope it's quieter than Chuck E's.