Sunday, July 29, 2007

Knitting at Cheryl's birthday party

Was fantabulous fun! :-) We even managed to knit while playing bingo at the same time! I did today's KAL rows for the a Rachel's Knitting group yahoo group. Its totally a VW bug looking car on the bottom, but I haven't figured out what's on the top yet. I thought it was going to be clouds, but it is too even and regular looking. I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow to find out. (The last rows get sent out tomorrow) And I started a garter ridges cloth out of the same colors as the peace sign cloth I did. I'm going to give it to the same lady. :-)

I think Cheryl is right, she and Elaine and I need to get our VW bug cloths together and at least take a picture. They are all three different super bright colors. I think it would be fun to make a whole set in different colors as a gift set. Especially if you knew someone who had a bug.

Wow, I'm tired. No idea why since I slept in this morning.

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